About Restless Coffee


Restless Coffee brings fresh, dark roasted coffee we roast each week directly to your home! If you like your coffee fresh and strong, then locally roasted Restless Coffee is what you need. Imagine amazing freshly roasted coffee conveniently delivered to your door as often as you want it!


Inspired by the dark roasting styles of West Coast roasters like Peet's, Starbucks and Spinelli's (long gone, but what a great cup of coffee!), we roast a smoky, strong coffee and get it to you at the height of freshness.


The hype at the start of the new millennium inspired us to make sure we were self-sufficient regarding coffee. While the Y2K hoopla amounted to naught, Restless Coffee developed into the specialized hand-crafted coffee roasting business we are today.


We are based in Cleveland, Ohio and consider it our primary market. Local means we don't truck in roasted coffee from warehouses where it's been sitting for who-knows how long. Freshly roasted means our beans have great aroma and flavor.


Restless Coffee is available direct from Restless Coffee. Ordering direct means we can maintain freshness by roasting based on the coffee ordered, not on what we hope to sell.


For convenience, wee also stock freshly roasted coffee at The Wine Spot on Lee Rd.


Much of our business is completed through our website, but please contact us in the way that's best for you:

Phone/Txt: 216-513-6079

Voicemail & Fax: 216-916-7777

Facebook: facebook.com/restlesscoffee

Twitter: twitter.com/restlesscoffee

Email: info[at]restlesscoffee.com


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